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The case of the missing Thumb ?!

It started as a normal pain in my right hand thumb and was not troubling me much….but as days passed by, it became too much pain and landed up in the emergency at Malar hospital on a Sunday night.

Was promptly scheduled for a surgery the next day morning. The anesthesia shots were more painful than the surgery and  were not effective at all!!!…oh what pain, my God, thank God it is over now and my thumb is back in shape.

The most important lesson that I learnt was – how useful is every single part of our body. When everything is fine, we seldom pause to give thanks to God and think about the functions that each part does. With a bandage on for few days, couldn’t realize how much I use the thumb…even to the simplest of switching on of my mobile!!!.

As I read in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 12  (verses 12 – 26)

20 But now indeed there are many members, yet one body. 21 And the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you”; nor again the head to the feet, “I have no need of you.”

26 And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it.

Thank God for my body and all parts in perfection. A small problem, but a great realization.

The below ‘thumb selfie’ stands testimony to the ordeal.Thumb

To the Boston Bomber

Open letter to the Boston Bomber
Who are you hurting??
Do you see the hurt around, Do you see the damage around?
Do you see the tears, Do you see the pain?
There are people without some parts of their bodies, some without life.
You have left kids without parents, parents without kids!!!!
What is that you have achieved??
Are you laughing at all of these?. Are you really happy in your heart??
Please end such barbaric acts. Life is to be lived and in peace.
Why create such acts, which changes the lives of people for the worse, leaves them in pain.
Praying to the Lord for His consolation and strength to the grieving families. 

IPL 2013 Chronicles – CSK vs RCB – 13th April

Matches with RCB is always a cracker of a contest and what an exhibition of cricket. I was surprised to see Dhoni opt to chase, traditionally it has been tough to chase under lights in Chepauk and the pitch tends to get slower in the second half. But anyways, when thala Dhoni decides something….we believe there is a reason to it.

Gayle – have never seen him fire in Chepauk and he fell again. Kohli was out in the middle overs, instead of choosing to walk, he stayed on…this guy has talent, but his temperament is not going to do any good to his career aspirations, esp if he is looking to become a captain. Being aggressive is fine, but look at Dhoni in comparison…such a cool character, no wonder he is called Captain Cool…he is remarkably cool under such tense situations, when you feel like falling off your chair.

And finally, it all boiled down to Sir RJ, who made it count…what a match. RCB, you need to learn to be more disciplined.


Getting a passport is not easy, especially if the address has to be changed etc…recently had to renew the passports of my parents and thought of sharing some important updates which are NOT in the website of the passport organization, but demanded always/mostly. Better be prepared than sorry :).

This was my first experience with the PSK – Passport Seva Kendra (all along have been happy with the district passport office in Adyar)

1. Senior Citizens can walk in without appointment from 10am to 1pm ONLY in Saligramam PSK (even though the website will say all)

2. If you are providing telephone bill as your address proof, only BSNL telephone bill will be accepted and the latest bill + last 2 months bills have to be submitted…it is not enough if you have the latest bill alone

3. Bank statement, passbook – should have last 1 year entries

4. For address proof, better to have one more as standby along with one primary, just in case, as I have heard about 2 address proofs being asked

5. Otherwise, getting an appointment online is like Lottery, all slots which open at 2pm, gets over in 1 min…and if you are trying to book appointment for 2 people from the same system…you cannot book more than 1 appointment from the same IP!!!..

For the record, Thank God, my parents were able to apply the passport from PSK Saligramam, as walkin. The process was very smooth and more so was the receipt of passport on the 8th day…amazing how privatization can change things around. This is the way to go!!!!

Be ready for an adventure!!!…mine coming up in 2014!!!



On my usual daily visit to drop my kids at school, I came across a shocking incident. 90% of the crowd will come to the school only in the last 10minutes and it is always a chaotic time. A car dashed a scooter in which a mother was driving with 2 kids…but the mom some how balanced and ensured that the kids didn’t fall off the bike!!!…Thank God!!! was my words, as I watched is from afar, across the road.

Then, the usual fight ensued between her and the car driver and it was over with the crowd pressing on. As people left the scene and I was walking towards my car, there was a the near by school boy walking along with a girl from the same school (both in the same uniform) and his remarks were to the girl….’the aunty was awesome in her fight’, but nothing happened to the kids…che…he was like disappointed that there was no action!!!…do people expect action in such a scenario??….I was at a loss, as I dragged me along to my car!!!.

Different perspectives….but sad.

The MTC Driver (aka Pallavan Driver)

After dropping my car for service, took the Pallavan (prefer to still call it like that 🙂 )bus back home. I got seated behind the driver and was watching him closely as he drove on the lattice bridge road. It was a seat poorly maintained, all the cushion had worn out. There was a seat belt holder to my surprise, but the belt was no where to be seen. An old coke bottle had water (probably drinking water for him) and was on the seat below him in the sun, it will definitely be hot when he drinks it. 

The gear lever was getting stuck a bit, but he was managing with it. Two wheelers were raving from left to right and in all directions and he was patiently driving. This driver was a very patient driver. How many times would we have got so irritated about a MTC/Pallavan driver driving rashly and not minding the signals also!!…it is true ofcourse, but considering the pathetic state in which their work environment is, we need to spare a thought for them also.

This is not the actual image of the bus in which I traveled but similar to this and the same view point. With such poor seats, levers not in proper shape, it does take so much strength to continue working in such situations. In spite of having the luxury of having nice cars with air condition, I always believe that traveling by bus in sitting mode is the best way to travel, so comfortable, no need to worry about  the traffic. Just that the process of getting one, waiting for bus makes it difficult. Still will always cherish the Pallavan rides!!!

Isn’t it time that the situations are made better for them, which will make the roads more safer and comfortable to drive?…..I enjoyed the ride and had these in my thoughts as I got down at my stop and move on. 

Being in the driver’s seat is always mentioned as an idiom to enjoy things and be in control, this is one driver’s seat that you don’t want to be in!!!!. Happy driving folks, drive safe!!!