L&T was my first 5 year stint of my career. The days with KVM and SDK at the helm of affairs were glorious!!. I started in Production Engg department, moved to  Purchase – expanded my role there, moved to Production – night mare in shifts, then moved to Sales Distribution and Planning….where the software bug bit me and I moved out eventually.

L&T was my first 5 year stint of my career. It was a great learning experience in multiple roles, seldom did I realize how it would help me later in my IT career. How often would I have cried to my Lord to take me out of Purchase!!! But every bit of experience there, helped me so much as a functional consultant in front of giants in the industry.

Need to mention about Philip Cheriyan, my first boss at L&T, he played a great part in my grooming. I had some exciting times in L&T, including the early morning lift of a first time heavy weight moulding machine with not many people around and never tested before for that weight, had some nervous moments!!!

The best part was my last department of Planning & Sales Coordination, with ADM at the helm of affairs, learnt a lot in systems and processes, which eventually paved the way for my entry in to IT. I’m still in touch with T Balaji, with whom I worked for most part across various departments. Some people have moved out, but still many are in L&T and have met quite a lot of them, especially in my kids school, where most of their kids study.

More from L&T days to come….

All initials are names of how it is known in the company – not expanding for now.