UMS Stint

My stint in UMS RadioFactory, was a very small one, but a very memorable one. I still recollect the various happenings of that era in my life.

It was a raw beginning in the mechanical arena and learnt a lot. I was privileged to be groomed under the guidance of Shri. G.D.Gopal, son of the great G.D.Naidu. He gave me the opportunity to develop a new product – The Linear Actuator – which was used to move the dish antenna to point to various satellites ..that being the dawn of the sat channels.

I developed a smaller version of it also, for various two angles to enable some specific channels to be seen. The crowning glory was when I was told that, long after I had left, Shri GDG, once told someone to bring the Actuator developed by Rajiv…an awesome feeling.

One more person whom I really admired for his stupendous sales skills in Shami…the then Sales Manager of UMS. Myself and Nazar were deputed with him for an exhibition to demonstrate the actuator, dish antenna and Shami was there to sell the other products. We were not expected to sell anything, but we used to keep trying our sales skills and we hardly succeeded in going beyond selling some foot valves!!!.

Whereas Shami used to sell things with ease and it was a treat to watch him do that. Till date, he has been the greatest sales person that I have come across. The saddest part of the exhibition was Shami lost his bike.

After I moved out of UMS, heard that he started a business on his own. Never heard about him after I moved out of Coimbatore. Hope to meet him some time. More in UMS era to come by….