Showcased here is few glimpses from my collection…more coming!!!.

When I think about Photography and all that I have achieved so far in that, I cannot forget to thank my Periyappa (my dad’s elder brother) – Late. Mr. Jeyaraj – who was the reason of me getting passionate about photography.

In 1985, he gifted me an autofocus camera, which he had got from Indonesia. He then took me atop the Rockfort and taught me how to capture light and that photo from the rock, was a great one, which has own many competitions.

After that, when I was on my own, I captured a sunset, which appeared so beautifully as a silhouette – which just caught my imagination of what all could be done with this beautiful instrument.

No wonder always my family keeps cribbing that  my photos have less of humans in them!!!!…Happy Viewing!!!.

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